Who we are


Our Purpose 

The purpose of CREST is to empower leaders to flourish in the second half of their life.

            The stat is that typically only 1 in 4 will flourish in their second half.

            We help you beat that statistic.


Our Mission

  • Engage Christian leaders in their mid-years with a guided reflection over their life and leadership.
  • Provide resources specifically for leaders in the mid-years.
  • Provide the opportunity to earn credentials along the way.


We focus on leaders in the midlife years … 

  • Because there is a deep shift that is needed to flourish well.
  • People need help to know what that shift is, and how to do it.
  • This is our specialty.


            We’ve been doing this for twenty years with leaders from practically all walks of life. 

            Pastors, business leaders, not-for-profit leaders, entrepreneurs

            Men, women, and married couples – anyone who wants their second half to matter.


We offer a guided, in-depth reflection over your life and leadership:

  • Insight about your past
  • Clarity about your present
  • Vision for your future


You can earn credentials in the journey

  • 2-year Diploma in Christian Leadership
  • Master in Christian Leadership



 Flourishing is not automatic. 

It requires a specific set of conditions, displayed in our CREST acronym and experienced in our programs. The right content, in the right environment, with the right people, under God’s guidance, creates the conditions for flourishing:

  • Community and collaboration – flourishing is not a solo journey
  • Respectful relationships – people must feel safe and valued
  • Experiential learning – not just theory, but learning by practice
  • Spiritual formation – not just knowing about God, but experiencing him
  • Time – it’s not a quick fix; it’s a journey and process that takes a while