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“Let’s Break The Rules”

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Dan Woodard was raised in what looked like to outsiders as the model Christian home.

However, he was raised with six unspoken rules:

don’t talk, don’t feel, don’t trust, don’t think, don’t choose, and don’t change.

 These rules guided his life from boyhood till early in his marriage. When he finally dared to break these rules, it disrupted his status quo but ultimately set him free to experience and enjoy healthy relationships.

 In this webinar, Dan Woodard describes

the damage these six toxic rules can cause and

how to find healing and wholeness.

This webinar is for you if:

  • You were raised in a home with lots of rules
  • You have to many chaotic relationships in your life
  • Alcohol or substance abuse is anywhere in your family tree
  • You want to help others escape the drama of silence, secrecy, and isolation of their lives

This webinar will cover:  

  • Dan Woodard’s story of dysfunction and path to healing and wholeness
  • A model of being both honest and honorable at the same time
  • An introduction to the book and DVD series for small groups with the same title

What you’ll come away with:

  • An understanding of the six rules that are more pervasive in our Christian culture than you would think
  • An awareness of the path to wholeness that anyone can walk to change from the inside out
  • An awareness of tools now available for small groups to help others change and grow

 What people are saying about CREST

What has become clearer to me at CREST? My answer boils down to this:
– I’ve discerned clarity around my identity and calling
– I’ve discovered (and recovered) dreams for the future
– I’ve implemented some new habits and disciplines to help me flourish in the second half of my leadership journey.

God has shown Himself faithful as a restorative, redeeming, gracious God. Blessed with a renewed sense of HOPE, surrounded with a loving cohort of FRIENDS,
He has once again filled me with JOY and PEACE. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, CREST.

About CREST Leadership

We help people get clarity so their second half can be their best half.
There is a critical window of opportunity that occurs, typically in your 40s and 50s, when if you choose to intentionally pursue development, the success of your life is greatly improved.
We know the path. We’ll help you get there.
Dr. Dan Reinhardt, CREST Leadership President