Academy Webinars

“The Art Of Exiting & Entering Our Roles”

Join Dr. Dan Reinhardt, Dr. Terry Young for this free webinar.

When was the last time you experienced a career or role transition? 

The mere mention of this brings up a messy mix of emotions and thoughts.  What if we could do these transitions with greater wisdom and skill?  This webinar is a brief exploration on how to wisely take the exits and entrances on the road of life. 

In view of what is being called the era of ‘the great resignation,’ it is timely to think again about the perils and promises of doing this poorly or well.

This webinar is for you if:

You sense an exit ramp ahead
in terms of your own career path

You have just left a role
or you are entering a new role

This webinar will cover:  

Perspective on ‘the great resignation’
that is abuzz these days

The perils and promises of
role exits and role entrances

What you’ll come away with:

Five turning points to watch for
before you take an ‘exit ramp’

Four vital moves when entering a new role

 What people are saying about CREST

What has become clearer to me at CREST? My answer boils down to this:
– I’ve discerned clarity around my identity and calling
– I’ve discovered (and recovered) dreams for the future
– I’ve implemented some new habits and disciplines to help me flourish in the second half of my leadership journey.

God has shown Himself faithful as a restorative, redeeming, gracious God. Blessed with a renewed sense of HOPE, surrounded with a loving cohort of FRIENDS,
He has once again filled me with JOY and PEACE. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, CREST.

About CREST Leadership

We help people get clarity so their second half can be their best half.
There is a critical window of opportunity that occurs, typically in your 40s and 50s, when if you choose to intentionally pursue development, the success of your life is greatly improved.
We know the path. We’ll help you get there.
Dr. Dan Reinhardt, CREST Leadership President