Earn a Master’s Degree In Christian Leadership

Helping You Find Convergence

Integrating Life and Leadership

A leadership lens that will give you amazing clarity around the practice of Christian leadership.

Bridging Theory and Practice

You will be able to instantly differentiate between healthy and unhealthy leadership practices.

Helping You Be a Better Leader

The Third Year of the Crest Leadership Program

Once you have completed the two-year Diploma program you are actually 2/3 the way to earning your Masters in Christian Leadership (MCL).  This third year adds in leadership theory to help you design and apply all your learning into a real-life project. You will come away with a degree and an action plan.

The MCL portion includes:

…an additional five day intensive learning encounter

…and a plan for your leadership project, written up in a formal paper.

“The greatest benefit was the style of the presenters, their knowledge, delivery, depth of experience and insights, humor, quality of material presented, and their hearts. I love being away together with other leaders with no competing distractions. Being affirmed in how God has shaped me as a leader has been a gift that was given to me by the CREST experience and by each of my new friends individually.  I think I may be ready to unwrap the gift.”

The Five Day Learning Intensive


An overview of leadership theories. How to avoid the two biggest mistakes in leadership. Know why 75% of change initiatives fail, and how to beat that.

Servant Leadership – re-emerging and amazingly effective.

Sustainability – leadership is demanding. You need these practical insights into how to sustain for the long run.

Sense-making – people look to leaders to help them make sense of complicated and confusing situations.

The Leadership Paper


A synthesis of who you are

A summary of your leadership philosophy

Applying your learning into a specific project


To earn the MCL credential, you require a Bachelor’s degree. However, if you do not have a Bachelor’s, please contact us to discuss equivalency options.

The MCL is available only to graduates of the CREST Diploma program, because it is built on and complements what is learned in the first two years of CREST.


We are opening the MCL experience to any CREST graduate to audit the program. You will earn an audit certificate and are not required to write the required paper, nor will it be marked, but you receive the same experience and benefit at the Intensive.


The price for the MCL Intensive is $3997.00. 

The only commitment is your application followed by a $500 deposit. This will secure your spot in the cohort . It’s first come first serve.



We can only take 14 students in each MCL cohort and we have over 20 students who are currently taking the CREST Dilpoma Program who may be looking to immediately continue on to the MCL Degree.

The Intensive is held at the beautiful King’s Fold Retreat Centre, NW of Calgary, Alberta.