Israel Tour 2020…

The experience of a life-time.

March 16-29, 2020

Join Dr. Dan Reinhardt for an in-depth two-week exposure to the biblical Land of Israel in partnership with the Jerusalem University College (JUC).  (Email us at if you are interested.)

“Ever since I earned a Masters degree from Jerusalem University College I have had a deep love for the land of the Bible.  I love taking people back to read the Scriptures right where they happened!”

~Dr. Dan Reinhardt~

While Dan has led several tours to Israel, it has been a dream of his to take CREST students and friends to the Holy Land to take part in a special program offered at JUC.  The “Pastor Parishioner Study Tour Program” gives a fabulous introduction to the land where our Bible happened.Dan, speaking of his experience of studying in Israel:

“Before Israel, the Bible was black and white – clear text and theology;  after Israel, it was three dimensions and colour!”

A visit to the land of the Bible is an invaluable investment in your spiritual life.The ultimate is preparing yourself by studying key Scriptures and maps, and then going to visit the actual places – amazing!  For the rest of your life you can literally visualize where the events are happening while reading the Scriptures.Click for a short introduction to Jerusalem University College

This tour is nothing like the average tour to Israel:

  • There will be books recommended and map marking to prepare you to absorb maximum learning on the tour.
  • Our guides are JUC personnel – highly qualified experts in the historical geography of Israel and committed evangelical scholars who are well experienced in leading groups in Israel.
  • There will be lectures by JUC personnel right at the biblical sites – a wealth of information that brings the Scripture to life.
  • We will visit places most tourists never see.  You do have to be in good shape to do this – there is stair climbing and hiking in sometimes uneven terrain.  A doctor’s simple physical exam is required for people over 50. Click Itinerary to see a sample itinerary.


Study materials supplied:

While the following materials are supplied to you, you are not obligated to do the study to participate in this tour. You will still benefit greatly by just coming on the tour. Your retention of the information learned on the tour will be enhanced if you can do the pre-tour studies. Detailed instructions are provided so you can do this on your own, prior to coming to Israel.

  • GeoBasics – a mapbook exploring the impact of geography on history in Israel. There are reasons God chose this land. Deuteronomy 11:12
  • Regions on the Run – the mapbook we will be referring to while on the tour. As we visit different regions it gives an overview of the geography and biblical history of the region. A wonderful tool to connect Scripture to the land.
  • Regional Study Maps and Guide – the maps we study and mark ahead of the tour.
  • Historical Geography Notebook – summary information about the places we visit on tour.



Email us at for the tour price.   Price includes:

  • Tuition, accommodations, three meals a day, field trips, instructor remuneration, tips, site entrance fees, books, transportation.
  • The only costs not covered are your personal purchases, health insurance or visa fees (if you are coming from outside of North America)