CREST is actively developing leaders.

Dr. Reinhardt led 8 CEOs in a two-day retreat. This Corpath group of executives meets throughout the year. Annually they have a retreat to spend extended time in spiritual and personal development. This year’s retreat was held in Whitefish, Montana. Dr. Reinhardt brought a workshop entitled “From Success to Significance.” (Contact CREST if you would like to book Dr. Reinhardt for a customized retreat.)

Dr. Dan Reinhardt gave a full day of pastors’ development with the Nazarenes of Western Canada. Forty-five pastors met to consider three topics chosen by Rose Brower-Young, a CREST graduate and recently elected District Superintendent:

  • Strategic Planning: How to have a plan that is more than a piece of paper in a binder.
  • How to Supervise Staff and Volunteers: How to supervise people so they love working with you.
  • Conflict Management: understanding the complexity of this painful subject, and what you can do about it.

(Click HERE for ideas on what your development day could include.)