Power & Influence

A Biblical Understanding of Power


The misuse of power is one of the most common leadership mistakes.

It is so common that most people agree with Lord Acton,

“Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

We have seen so many poor examples of the use of power that

many people are cynical about leaders.


Leadership and power are intimately connected, and

anyone in leadership uses power constantly.

We must get clarity around this important subject in order to master our Christian leadership.


Let Us Help You.

Dr. Dan Reinhardt is the Founder and President of the CREST Leadership Program. Leadership development has always been a part of his life. After a Bachelor degree in the U.S. and a Masters Degree in Israel, he earned a Doctor of Ministry in Leadership from Asbury Seminary. His thesis became the foundation for launching in 2002 of the CREST Leadership Program.  

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Worksheets and Notes to Download

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What you will take away from this course…

A clear understanding of power in Scripture.

An appreciation for the way Jesus used power.

A way to determine how well you are using power.

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