Getting Things Done

...While Still Having A Life


Leaders…we have a problem.

Something has been taken from us!

It’s our attention, and the attention of those whom we lead. The challenge we all face is a focused concentration on what matters most.




  • You can’t afford to waste time just being busy
  • Your team needs clarity to flourish
  • You’re tired of good intentions without the follow-through

Meet Your Guide

Dr. Terry Young serves as Lead Facilitator for the CREST Masters in Christian Leadership degree.  Having completed doctoral research at Gonzaga University on holding environments for leaders in 2004, his desire is to encourage, inspire, and equip leaders who find themselves on the complex front-line of leadership.  He is presently researching, writing, and presenting on The Front Porch Effect™ which explores the vital role of reflection in personal and organizational leadership.

What you will take away from this course…

A process that enables you to pay attention to what really matters.

A way to cut through all the noise and actually do what you need to do.

Reclaim the love for what you do, and still have a life while doing it.