Become a better leader for the rest of your life.

This is how CREST will help you be a better leader...


Encounter 1: Taking A Hold of Your Life
The Question: What does your story tell you about your life today and where it is going?
The Outcome: Clarity about where you are in life, and paths to go forward.
Topics Covered:
  • Setting Your Sail (Direction)
  • Digging For Gold (Self-worth)
  • Keeping It Together (Boundaries)
  • Thinking Differently (Creativity)
Encounter 2: Driving Forward with Your Values
The Question: Are you doing today what you thought you would be doing at this time in your life?
The Outcome: Clarity about your life purpose and values, and keys to personal management.
Topics Covered:
  • Knowing Why You Care (Values)
  • Leading From Your Centre (Passion)
  • Building Trust (Trust)
  • Expanding Your Horizons (Learning)

Encounter 3: Tightening the Grip On Your Strengths

The Question: Do you know the core strengths with which you are gifted, and are you living from them?
The Outcome: Clarity about how God has gifted you, and what you might do with it.
Topics Covered:
  • Discovering Your Strengths (Strengths)
  • Maximizing Your Capacity (Health)
  • Preparing Your Dreams (Desires)
  • Synthesizing Your Year


Encounter 4: Investing Wisely in Your Relationships
The Question: What is the most important thing we should be talking about right now?        
The Outcome: How to have conversations that matter, and shape lives
Topics Covered:
  • Developing Your Soft Skills (Awareness)
  • Prioritizing Your People (Mentoring)
  • Diving Into Conversations (Communication)
  • Managing Conflict (Conflict)

Encounter 5: Creating Clarity For Your Strategy

The Question: How do we get there from here?
The Outcome: Tools to lead with a purpose, and decide what kind of difference to make.
Topics Covered:
  • Aiming Your Organization (Vision)
  • Meeting to Make a Difference (Planning)
  • Processing Ideas Collaboratively (Collaboration)
  • Stopping To Move Forward (Endings)

Encounter 6: Looking Ahead to Your Convergence

The Question: How does all this fit together?
The Outcome: Understanding how your experience, knowledge, and passions come together for a purpose.
Topics Covered:
  • Navigating Transitions (Transitions)
  • Leading Change (Change)
  • Flourishing Forward (Advancing)
  • Synthesizing Your CREST Experience (Graduation)


5 Day Intensive: Complex Leadership Theories and Practice
Paper / Project: Application of learning

Upon successful completion of the first 2 years and the CREST Leadership Certificate, you can apply and pursue a Masters in Christian Leadership. Our Master’s program is an alternative way for you to get a credential that leans into the practical rather than the academic side of leadership. Once you’ve attended the MCL Intensive and with the completion of the assigned project, you can earn a non-academic Masters Degree in Christian Leadership.

Topics Covered:
  • Leadership theory overview
  • The uprising of servant leadership
  • Staying engaged for the long run
  • Making sense of situations in order to lead

We offer Cohorts in two locations:

Alberta & Ontario

Alberta Encounters are at King’s Fold Retreat & Renewal Centre about 1 hour outside of Calgary
Ontario Encounters are at The Guelph Bible Conference Centre in Guelph, Ontario

Encounter 1: October 28-31, 2019

Encounter 2: February 3-6, 2020

Encounter 3: May 11-14, 2020

Encounter 4: September 28-October 1, 2020

Encounter 5: TBD

Encounter 6: TBD


Encounter 1: October 7-10, 2019

Encounter 2: January 13-16, 2020

Encounter 3: April 20-23, 2020

Encounter 4: TBD

Encounter 5: TBD

Encounter 6: TBD


Tuition is $3,997 per year

(plus travel, books, room and board at the venue)

Save $500 on your tuition by putting down a $500 deposit by June 30, 2019

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Email us at and we will send you appropriate documents, or we can even talk to them directly if that would help you.

Here is what CURRENT students are saying about CREST!

At midlife, CREST has come at the perfect time!  It’s an opportunity to pause, reflect, recalibrate, and dream new dreams for the second half of life.


CREST has moved me from a floundering frustrated leader to a focused and fulfilled person excited for my future.


CREST has created a space to learn new strategies, become equipped with practical tools to move beyond surviving to thriving in the second half of life!


Have you been wondering, “What if…? What if I could dream again? Could the next 5…10…15 years see an energized me leaning into my full potential?” CREST may be your first next step!


Take A Sabbatical!

CREST  is an excellent way to maximize your Sabbatical. Pastors and key ministry leaders do need some kind of sabbatical reprieve from the rigors of full-time ministry, but they also must make a significant shift in how they live in order to not simply repeat an unsustainable lifestyle. This deep, inner shift is exactly what CREST helps mid-life leaders understand, and we offer a way to actually make the shift

Rest 4 Days

Learn 3 Days

Rest 4 Days

By combining rest and preparation days prior to each three-day Encounter a leader could receive a total of 66 days of sabbatical leave (over the two years) at a fraction of the cost of traditional models, while still providing leadership to the church.

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and receive a $500 discount,

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