Achieve a Diploma or Masters Degree in Christian Leadership through CREST Online.

Stay home, work at your own pace, and grow your leadership.

Six Online Courses.

Forty-Two Lessons.

Earn A CREST Diploma.

1. Taking A Hold Of Your Life

Clarity about where you are in life, and paths to go forward.

2. Driving Forward With Your Values

Clarity about your life purpose and values, and keys to personal management.

3. Tightening The Grip On Your Strengths

Clarity about how God has gifted you, and what you might do with it.

4. Investing Wisely In Your Relationships

How to have conversations that matter, and shape lives.

5. Creating Clarity For Your Strategy

Tools to lead with a purpose, and decide what kind of difference to make.

6. Looking Forward To Your Convergence

Understanding how your life comes together for a purpose.

From here you can go on to earn a Master’s Degree.

The Value of Improvement

The investment for your CREST Diploma online is only

$3497.00 CAD per year. 


3 major courses / year


7 lessons / course


100s of additional resources

Online Leadership Development for Midlife Adults

CREST specializes in understanding the phases and transitions in life, and maximizing them so your second half can be your best half.


Clear and simple platform.


Support and coaching available.


Spiritual formation lessons included.


Feedback on assignments.

CREST students actually develop their leadership.


“Crest has played a key role in my development as a leader providing me ongoing disciplines and tools to spur me on in my leadership role.” (Shawn V.)


“I thank the Lord for a curriculum with a time frame (2 years) that still allows me to do life, and yet be transformed into a useful second-halfer.” (Bob M.)


“CREST brings a God encounter to the heart and soul that prepares the leader for the next leg of life’s journey.” (Randy B.)


If you're still not sure, we understand.

We know its a big decision.

We would be glad to meet or call and talk about CREST if that would be helpful.


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