So here’s a very important question… 

If … 

  • You are being given an amazing offer of a rich and satisfying life (check out my blog here on this) 
  • But most people will miss it (read about it here) 


What do you need to do to not miss it? 

This question is crucial! Because everyone wants a satisfying life. Its deep within our DNA to want to live – and live well. Over the next few blogs, I’ll give you several things that will help. 

Begin by paying attention to life’s curriculum. 

Life is the curriculum.  Your story is the record of your progress in the curriculum.  

We can divide this curriculum into 3 categories: 

First, the givens. 

You were born into a larger story that was already happening. You had no choice over what time in history you began your life, where on the globe you were born, who your parents were, what gender you were born with, the colour of your hair, the shape of your nose.  These were given to you.

Secondly, events that have happened.  

Things happened over which you had no control: 

  • Larger events, like the historical context, or the economy. Whether we like it or not, these events impact us all.
  • More local events, like what happened in the early years in your family, or what happened at school. Certain words that were spoken in these early years stay with us the rest of our life. 
  • Personal matters, like your health, or an accident.  

We are shaped by these things, over which we had no control. Some of the events were good, some bad. They happened.  

And thirdly, there are choices you have made along the way. 

Choices matter, because they take you down a path. One choice leads to anothereverything connects, everything mattersEach decision is a step in your journey.  

These three facts lead us to a sobering conclusion:  

You are where you are because of what has happened in your life,  

and the decisions you have made along the way. 

 A couple of observations now: 

  • there are some things about your story that you cannot change. They happened. But you are not a victim, because  
  • you still have the freedom to choose differently. There are things you can still do about your life that can change your journey.  

In the next installments in this blog series I’ll give you some tools that can change things 

will be your guide on this journey. I’ve given focused attention to this for over 10 years, and have helped hundreds of people make the shift to set them on the road to flourishing.  



  • you are in a spot you would rather not be, 
  • Or if you are doing well, but would like to be intentional about where your life is going, 


Stay tuned for this series.  

 Dr. Dan Reinhardt