Have you noticed this disturbing pattern of leaders over their lifetime?

Many start well, but few end well. Whether it’s the Kings of the Old Testament or modern leaders today, the pattern remains alarmingly consistent. And that means its probably consistent for you.

Chances are you started with great idealism and good intentions, but after several decades of living in the real world you’ve found life delivers a few punches. Things are not as easy as you thought they would be, and some of your great ideas need to be thought through again.

This is what Dr. Robert Clinton found in analysing 3500 leaders. Roughly 25% of leaders will end well, the rest will need help. And most of this showed up in the second half of life, during midlife or soon after.


When I read this during my doctoral work, it arrested by attention. I was in my forties, at exactly the juncture when these matters begin showing up. I wanted to end up in that top 25%, the ones that flourish in the second half. And I think you do too.

Here are a few things you need to know:

  • Unless you pay fierce attention to your life, you likely will follow the general statistics.
  • There are natural stages, chapters in your life. You need to know where you are in order to know where you are going.
  • You will need to take intentional steps to make the shift necessary to flourish in the second half of your life. It will not happen automatically.
  • This shift to significance is not an easy one, it will take a journey.
  • It really helps to have a guide, someone who has taken the journey.
  • This journey is best done with others who are also serious about their lives.

I invite you to a brief seminar where I delve into this in more depth. If you are serious about paying attention to your life, click here.

I am committed to helping as many people as I can flourish in the second half of life!

You can too, if you pay fierce attention and take brave steps to beat the statistics.