By Dr. Dan Reinhardt

For 10 years CREST has been hosting midlife leadership development groups across Canada. These typically consist of around 15 students, a mix of ministry and marketplace people, men and women — all serious about making their life count, recognizing there is a shift they need to make at midlife.

This has been our focus and format for the past decade. It is gratifying to see how God has used it to significantly help people on their life’s journey (click HERE for video testimonials). We will continue to offer our CREST Leadership program in this format. However …

… there may be other ways to deliver the same content, but perhaps more amenable to busy leaders’ schedules. Eric Lowther, a CREST board member and graduate, is one of those busy leaders in Calgary. He has a heart for men in leadership and has proposed that we try a different delivery for them. So we are offering a ‘pilot group’ for men in Western Canada who are able to commute to the Calgary area:


  • A men’s group called “Alberta Men’s Cohort”
  • Meets monthly, nine times a year (does not meet July, Aug., Dec.)
  • Venue is the Ramada Inn in Cochrane, Alberta
  • Each time begins Friday evening, through Saturday afternoon
  • We cover the same material as the regular CREST cohorts
  • Tuition remains the same at $2500 for the first year, $3000 for the second year
  • Room, board and books are additional
  • First meeting is January 17-18, 2014


If this is of interest to you, please contact us. We are launching soon, so need to hear from you. We have men committed to this, so the cohort is launching. If you want in on this, contact us right away!