Shadows and Light 07: Fear Not

I was up the face of the cliff about 100 feet. I had joined the local Jerusalem rock climbing club for a day in the wilderness. The rocky cliffs in this barren area of Israel are where David fled from King Saul. I was there taking it all in, exhilarated at the...

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Shadows and Light 06: Failure

We are all a mixed bag with shadows and light. We want to be light-bringers, but if we are really honest, we don’t always do it that well. Especially when things are not going well. Expectations from others (or from ourselves) put pressure on us to perform. We want...

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Shadows and Light 04: Chaos

Shadows and Light 04: Chaos This is #4 in a series on Shadows and Light in Leadership. We who are trusted with leadership have the power to project either shadow or light. That is a huge responsibility! We’d better make sure we are doing all we can to give light. But...

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