Become a better leader for the rest of your life.


do most people flat-line at midlife, while others flourish and soar?

Many who think deeply in the middle years find their second half can be their best half.


that is not easy. If it was, you would have done it by now.


At midlife, do you know your personal purpose?


Would you like to align your life with your core values?


Are you operating from your strengths?


Do you need more practical tools for life and leadership?


Do you wish you could have a better influence on people?


Do you plan to be a better leader the rest of your life?

CREST can help.

CREST Leadership provides an ordered reflection of your life and leadership that has helped hundreds of leaders examine their gifting and skills and develop a plan for moving ahead.

Grow your influence and leadership

through the CREST Leadership Course

Year One

The first year is 3 encounters, each 4 days, focusing on your purpose, values, and strengths.  It’s about you and your story, and finding out what kind of leader you are. Along the way you will be introduced to tools and processes that will improve your leadership.

Year Two - Certificate

Year two is also 3 encounters, each one 4 days long, and the focus is how you interact and execute with others.  We will cover issues like communication, conflict, and change. At the last encounter you will graduate with a Certificate in Christian Leadership.

Masters Intensive

After achieving the certificate, we offer an additional week of digging more into leadership principles and complexities. Completing the Intensive , along with a thesis, will earn you a Masters Degree in Christian Leadership.

New Cohorts starting in the Spring of 2019!

What students are saying…

CREST is, by far, the best leadership training I have ever been involved in. It is not just informational, but transformational. I am changing – thank God! Jeff Germo, BC

Jeff Germo, BC

During CREST God gave me two things: a mirror and a compass - a mirror to see myself with new eyes at this stage in my life’s journey, and a compass to show me the way forward. Both are essential at mid-life and through CREST I found them.

Simon Beadle, ON

CREST has created a space to learn new strategies, become equipped with practical tools to move beyond surviving to thriving in the second half of life!

Jocelyn Simpson, AB

More about Leadership and Mid-life

3.0 Dreaming — While Wide Awake

Time flies so quickly, and at mid-life it seems to accelerate. It's hard to believe I've already completed Encounter 3, and the first year of the CREST Leadership Certificate Program. This Encounter, “Tightening the Grip on Your Strengths,” started a little different...

2.5 Keeping Your Core Consistent

The time between the CREST Encounters is designed to be a time of reflection as well as preparation for the next Encounter, and between Encounter 2 and 3 is no different. The assignments coming out of Encounter 2 are to identify our deep core values and purpose...

2.0 Finding What Really Motivates You

Arriving at King's Fold for Encounter 2, I had a sense of anticipation. I was looking forward to seeing my fellow CRESTmates and spending time with them, and this Encounter did not disappoint! After catching up during supper and our evening orientation, we jumped...