do most people flat-line during the second half of their life?


of people over 40 need a guide to direct them towards flourishing.

The problem is loss of CLARITY.

CREST restores it.

CREST Leadership provides an ordered reflection of your life and leadership as you approach the second half of your life. This has helped hundreds of leaders examine their gifting and skills and develop a plan for moving forward.


Establish your purpose for the second half of your life.


Align your decisions with your core values.


Develop and operate from your strengths.


Discover practical tools for life and leadership.


Become a better leader for the people counting on you.


Plan to flourish for the rest of your life.

And earn CREDIBILITY while you're at it!

You have the opportunity to earn…

  • Certificates (Individual Courses)

  • Diploma of Christian Leadership (2 Year Program)

  • Masters Degree of Christian Leadership (Diploma Plus 1 Year)

The CREST Diploma of Christian Leadership

Six Major Themes.  sPREAD OVER TWO YEARS.  Online or In-person.

“CREST is, by far, the best leadership training I have ever been involved in. It is not just informational, but transformational. I am changing – thank God!”


“CREST has been a transforming experience that has expanded me and given me courage and boldness to step into new places. Without the safe, rich, loving community and the investment these people deposited in my life, I would not be who or where I am today. If you are ready for change, take the plunge and watch God do beyond what you could hope or imagine through CREST.”



The CREST Masters Degree of Christian Leadership

DEEPER Themes.  sPREAD oVER a Third yEAR.  Online AND In-person.

“Optimal learning occurs when the information and vehicle of delivery are synchronized to create an experience that engages the whole person. It is the systematic melding of information and relationships over time and the spiritual emphasis on life transformation, that distinguishes CREST from mere academics. I can hardly believe how much my life and leadership have been impacted since embarking on the CREST experience.”


“CREST is a revolutionary teaching process of biblical leadership that creates dramatic positive change in individuals. The CREST program is head and shoulders above any of my previous learning experiences.”



The CREST Academy


Timely leadership conversations and presentations.

“How To Find Clarity When The Fog Rolls In”        

January 20th, 2022 at 10am (MT)

This webinar is for you if:

  • You feel overwhelmed by the haze and confusion of daily life and leadership
  • You are looking for some way to get better perspective and clarity


Information & Registration

If you are not available on the date scheduled for the webinar, no problem. Register for the replay and we will send you a link. You can view it any time from January 21st until our next webinar.


Browse through our market of leadership “Deep Dive” Workshops and MIni-Courses.

“Keep The Change

Every leader that has led a change effort has wondered, “How to we keep the change?”

Because you have noticed that most change efforts have faltered.

If you want your vision to stick, then this Deep Dive will help you.


Check it out now.

“Getting Things Done While Still Having A Life

A Strategy for Tackling the Productivity and Sustainability Challenge in a World of Increasing Distraction and Overload.

Leaders, we have a problem. Something has been taken from us – it’s our attention, and the attention of those whom we lead. The challenge we all face is a focused concentration on what matters most.

This five part video series, with worksheets and bonuses, will help you reclaim your focus and clarity.

Check it out now.


Schedule a conference or workshop with one of the CREST staff.

Many of our courses, lessons, and modules can be brought right to your staff team, having personal and immediate impact.


Short video presentations of key leadership principals and trends.

Find just the information you are looking for in our categorized Vlog centre.