Don’t just cope in your second half.

Get ready to…


Join the conversation. Get what you need to flourish after 40.

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Quitting a job and getting another one often sounds like the solution to frustration and stress. Not necessarily. In this month's webinar we’ll talk about the perils and promises of role exits and entrances.

The Art Of Exiting & Entering Roles

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Here is a problem we all will face...


do most people flat-line or decline during the second half of their life?


of people over 40 need a guide to direct them so that doesn't happen to them.

The problem is loss of CLARITY.

CREST helps you restore it.

What do you need help with?


Establish your purpose for the second half of life.


Align your decisions with your core values.


Develop and operate from your natural strengths.


Discover practical tools for life and leadership.


Be a better leader for the people counting on you.


Prepare a strategy to flourish for the rest of your life.

Here are the ways we help you with that...

Webinars. Online Courses. Diploma. Masters Degree.

The CREST Academy

ONLINE courses

“Deep Dive” leadership workshops and mIni-courses.

Our newest course

Power and Influence

Leadership and power are intimately connected, and anyone in leadership uses power constantly.

This Deep Dive will explore the Biblical understanding of power.

Free Webinars

Timely leadership conversations and presentations.

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Power - Why We Keep Messing This Up

Power is like dynamite – you can make things happen, but you can also cause a lot of damage.

The misuse of power is one of the most common leadership mistakes.

Free Vlogs

Video presentations of key leadership principals and trends.

Our Most Recent Vlog

Your Unique Calling

Everyone has a message embedded in their life, a deeper calling that needs to be identified, named and nurtured.

The world needs what God has designed in you. 


The CREST Diploma of Christian Leadership

Six Major Themes.  sPREAD OVER TWO YEARS.  Online or In-person.

“CREST is, by far, the best leadership training I have ever been involved in. It is not just informational, but transformational. I am changing – thank God!”


“CREST has been a transforming experience that has expanded me and given me courage and boldness to step into new places. Without the safe, rich, loving community and the investment these people deposited in my life, I would not be who or where I am today. If you are ready for change, take the plunge and watch God do beyond what you could hope or imagine through CREST.”



The CREST Masters Degree of Christian Leadership

DEEPER Themes.  sPREAD oVER a Third yEAR.  Online AND In-person.

“Optimal learning occurs when the information and vehicle of delivery are synchronized to create an experience that engages the whole person. It is the systematic melding of information and relationships over time and the spiritual emphasis on life transformation, that distinguishes CREST from mere academics. I can hardly believe how much my life and leadership have been impacted since embarking on the CREST experience.”


“CREST is a revolutionary teaching process of biblical leadership that creates dramatic positive change in individuals. The CREST program is head and shoulders above any of my previous learning experiences.”