We are CREST

Leadership Development for Your Second Half

Year One

The first year is about your purpose, values, and strengths.  It’s about you and your story, and finding out what kind of leader you are.

Year Two - Certificate

Year two is about how you interact and execute with others. It’s not all about you! You will graduate with a Certificate in Christian Leadership.

Year Three - Masters

Year three is about digging more into leadership principles and complexities. You will graduate with a Masters in Christian Leadership.

What makes CREST leadership development different?

It’s the way we do it.


We believe with the life experience, the skills, and the training you already have, collaboration is the best way for you to learn.


There is no better learning environment than the one that strong, safe relationships create. We have several different ways to build those kind of relationships.


We do our best to utilize and help you properly interpret the experiences you already have, and create new ones that impact your life and prepare you for your future.


We offer spiritual formation as an important part of the learning and growing process. God has a purpose in mind for each of us, and when we find it we flourish.


Every good education that changes your life takes time. It’s a journey, not a sprint. We are committed to walk with you through it so you receive all you can from your CREST experience.

New Cohorts starting in the Fall of 2018!

What students are saying…

CREST is, by far, the best leadership training I have ever been involved in. It is not just informational, but transformational. I am changing – thank God! Jeff Germo, BC

Jeff Germo, BC

During CREST God gave me two things: a mirror and a compass - a mirror to see myself with new eyes at this stage in my life’s journey, and a compass to show me the way forward. Both are essential at mid-life and through CREST I found them.

Simon Beadle, ON

CREST has created a space to learn new strategies, become equipped with practical tools to move beyond surviving to thriving in the second half of life!

Jocelyn Simpson, AB

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