What CREST is Not


Not a program just for pastors. We believe everybody is called of God, we just have different roles in God’s grand kingdom enterprise.  We believe everyone – whether in the church or market place — experiences similar mid-life issues that require reflection and behavioural shifts to move to maximum effectiveness.

Not just a leadership skills teaching seminar. While skill sets are important for leadership, we believe leaders are built from the inside out. CREST takes the leader on a journey that starts with the heart, and then the hands.  The curriculum consists of two primary streams:

  • the personal development of the leader’s life
  • leadership skills


Not primarily a Bible training program.  While CREST is a Christian program founded solidly on biblical principles and guided by the Scriptures, we use resources in addition to the Bible.

Not modelled after academic programs.  Most academic programs consist primarily of lectures, thousands of pages of reading, academic papers and graded exams.  We know that mid-life adults are very busy, so we don’t load you down with heavy assignments. Excellent presentations will stimulate animated dialogue with your peers. We’ll ask you to read a couple of books in preparation for each Encounter to “prime the pump” for great dialogue. Following the Encounter we give you practical assignments to implement what you’ve learned.

Students earn the Certificate in Leadership by attending the Encounters and completing the assignments.  Students who choose not to complete assignments earn an audit Certificate in Leadership.

For those interested in a Masters degree: CREST is incorporated in Alberta as a post-secondary institution with authority to grant degrees in religion. The Master in Christian Leadership is granted by CREST.  Click HERE to learn about the Masters degree.