Sample Encounter


There is something very important about face-to-face interaction.  While there is much that can be learned online, life transformation optimally happens life-on-life. Christ and his disciples did life and ministry together, with in-depth dialogue along the way. The closer we imitate the model of Jesus, the better the result.  The CREST Program is highly relational. Great conversations are the primary connection.

When you enrol in the CREST Leadership program, you will participate in face-to-face Encounters led by trained facilitators. The experience includes:

  • Pre-assigned reading.  Students prepare themselves to enable the conversation to jump-start into significant dialogue.
  • Arrival. Mid-life adults are busy.  It’s hard to carve out three days, but you will begin to feel relief from life pressures and look forward to quality time with new friends.
  • Spiritual formation. We begin by tuning our hearts to God. We have to slow down our engines to hear His still, small voice.
  • Curriculum modules.  Course curriculum is prepared with high quality materials presented in 90 minute segments. The aim of each module is to facilitate informed dialogue around a specific subject.
  • Small Group discussions. Each Encounter includes dialogue in smaller groups.  This opens the door for God to do deep work.
  • Transformation. This is the part God does. We provide the optimal environment for students to engage thoroughly, and be changed by God.
  • Day schedule.  Encounters begin with coaching sessions and an evening learning experience on Day 1, and end just before noon on Day 4.
  • Post Encounter.  Real learning shows up in life. After each Encounter you will engage in practical assignments to help you implement insights from the Encounter.