Learning model

The most effective times of personal development are “caught” rather than “taught.” Something wonderful happens when, within an environment of mutual respect and purpose, we are challenged with new concepts and ideas. Conversations within the Encounter sessions and informally outside the classroom open up new arenas for learning.

Today there is more leadership information available at the click of a mouse than ever before. But if you desire transformation, you’ll need to go beyond information to a practical learning paradigm that accesses the roots of your leadership beliefs and values.

The CREST curriculum model has a profound and long-lasting effect by being:

  • Informational
    For an experience to be transforming there must be valid input. Our module approach allows you to have effective leadership information poured into you at a rate you can digest and implement.
  • Relational
    Relationships are the catalyst that allows this new information to take root. There is nothing as effective as passionate discussion in a group or one-on-one to establish values, and challenge essential truths.  Our students tell us the relationships they experience in CREST are exceptional - for many, the best of their life.
  • Memorable
    You will experience a wide range of emotions as you begin to explore deeper issues of your leadership: laughter, tears, doubt, passion and revelation. The valuable information you receive in our candid Encounters will stay with you for a lifetime.
  • Practised
    At CREST, we emphasize implementation of learning. Transformation doesn’t happen until behaviour changes, and that requires action. Practice drives the learning deep. New practices become the growing edge of transformation.