How We Deliver

Join a cohort

The CREST Certificate in Leadership Program is designed to serve people while they continue in their occupations.

1. CREST Cohort: The CREST cohort is comprised of 10 to 20 learners who journey together in a modular learning experience where both core and individualized learning occurs. Each cohort comes together from evening on Day 1 to noon on Day 4  (an “Encounter”) three times per year. 

The Encounters typically consist of:

– Interactive learning times on life and leadership. These dynamic presentations are augmented with facilitated discussions that accelerate learning through the questions and insights of participants.

– Spiritual formation experiences. Not just studied, but practiced.

– Time to work on implementing what you are learning.

– A leadership tool you can take home and apply immediately.

– Coaching conversations. The kind that shift things.

– Great food, fellowship and peer mentoring.

– Selected movies – learning by story.

2. Cohort Facilitators and Mentors: Each cohort is guided by cohort facilitators, experienced in leadership and adult learning models. The cohort facilitator connects regularly with the student for coaching, accountability, progress feedback, and program evaluation.

3.  Application to Life and Leadership: Each Encounter will provide you with practical tools and insights to apply back in the “real world”. When you try something new, you’ll get new results!

4.  Guided Learning and Self-Reflection: We’re constantly on the look-out for excellent leadership resources. We’ll selectively recommend the best of these for you to explore during and between Encounters.