What is different about CREST? CREST is not a traditional learning experience. It is not strictly academic like a university, nor is it only skills learned in seminars. Instead CREST is life development. By using a small group (cohort) model, CREST students are able to continue their employment yet benefit from being in a group of colleagues to receive training that is particularly suited to mid-life leaders. We help people find clarity for the second half, so they can have their best years ever – to flourish. 

Who is eligible?  This is an adult program specifically designed for mid-life persons. There is no upper age limit. The CREST Certificate Program is appropriate for anyone in ministry or business.  Click HERE for Program Admissions.

How often does CREST meet? Each cohort meets three times per year for two years. Each meeting (Encounter) lasts from evening on Day 1 to noon on Day 4.

Can I just take certain modules? No, skipping Encounters impacts the relational component of CREST, which is a very important aspect of what we do. Click HERE for more Program Details.

Is this an on-line program? No.

Do I have to relocate for the program? No, students travel from their home to the CREST Encounters.

Where are the CREST Encounters held? CREST Encounters are held in various retreat centres across Canada. Click HERE for locations.

What do I get upon completion of the Program? Those who complete all the assignments of both Level 1 and Level 2 earn a Certificate in Leadership from the CREST Leadership Centre.

Can I earn a degree through CREST? CREST is incorporated in Alberta as a post-secondary institution with authority to grant degrees in religion. The Master in Christian Leadership is granted by CREST.  Click HERE for more details.

What about my spouse? We welcome spouses of our CREST members to participate in the course at a reduced rate.

Is there an ‘individualized component’ to the program? While there are some elements of leadership that are true in any location or vocation, business or ministry, there are other parts that are particular to your role. Students in each cohort experience the CREST Encounters together but also apply the elements of the program through assignments that they complete on their own. In this fashion the CREST program is individualized to the gifting, needs and interests of each student.

Are there additional requirements outside the Encounters? Students are typically asked to read  2-3 books between Encounters and complete relevant assignments. Completion of assignments is required to receive the CREST Certificate in Leadership.

What does it cost?  The cost varies based on the program you take. Please see the details HERE for CREST 3.0 Level 1 details.

When are the fees due? As soon as you want to reserve your place. A $1000 deposit ensures your spot in the cohort with remaining tuition due closer to the time of the cohort launch. Payment can be made by cheque or by credit card using our online secure system.  Click HERE for the Program costs page.