Ken Clarke, BC pastor’s experience at CREST

A CREST TestimonialKen Clarke

By Ken Clarke, Pastor in BC

I began my journey with / through CREST with a sense of both anticipation and caution.  I knew I was outside my comfort zone but in a strange way, I quickly came to realize this was a safe environment to open up and explore. Coming with a searching heart had created a pre-determination to embrace the journey and see what happens.  My hope was to find greater clarity about myself; who I am and how I want to invest my life with the time that remains.

I believe God has spoken; He has prompted and led during my journey through CREST.  I feel like I’m coming alive again; the joy factor is increasing, I’m working through some things and enjoying life and ministry more these days!  Sharing this experience with new friends in CREST has made this one of the most enjoyable and beneficial experiences in my life!

Here’s an audio of Ken’s experience, well worth listening to.

Transcript of the audio.