Compassion Canada – the value of team training

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Compassion Canada is one of Canada’s best run Charities, serving hundreds of thousands of children worldwide.

Their leadership team is exemplary. One reason their leadership excels is because they are committed to ongoing learning. One year they decided to take the CREST Leadership program together. The CEO, Board Chair and team of VPs all signed up. Here’s what Barry Slauenwhite, CEO said:

“The CREST experience has proven to be a significant component of Compassion Canada’s leadership development process. Having our entire leadership team take this two-year journey together has created a strong synergy among our team. The process of learning together – of being stretched and challenged together — has impacted us deeply. Since completing the program we have created three off-site retreat days a year to review the CREST materials so that we can continue reviewing and implementing the lessons learned. I strongly encourage other leadership teams to take this journey together. It is a strategic investment in your ministry.”

Then, 2½ years after graduation Barry said,

“Just last week our team was talking about the difference we see in the way we work together since CREST. I am so happy it didn’t wear off like a lot of short term training we do.”


Compassion Canada’s Leadership team, with the CREST Ontario Cohort