Clients and Testimonials

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CREST is, by far, the best leadership training I have ever been involved in. It is not just informational, but transformational. I am changing – thank God!  Jeff Germo, BC

During CREST God gave me two things: a mirror and a compass – a mirror to see myself with new eyes at this stage in my life’s journey, and a compass to show me the way forward.  Both are essential at mid-life and through CREST I found them. Simon Beadle, ON
Below is a partial list of organizations and individuals who have completed the CREST Leadership Certificate Program.


Here is a sampling of some of the charities that have had members of their senior management teams go through a program with CREST:

  • Focus on the Family
  • Evangelical Fellowship of Canada
  • 100 Huntley Street
  • Opportunity International
  • CBMC Canada
  • Compassion Canada (Click HERE Compassion CEO’s comment on CREST)
  • Canadian Association of Pregnancy Support Services
  • Canadian National Christian Foundation
  • Abundance Canada (formerly Mennonite Foundation of Canada)
  • UCB Canada
  • Interdenominational Christian camps
  • SCA International
  • Christian Advocacy Society

Churches and Missions

Dozens of pastors, associates, and mission personnel have taken CREST.

Business Owners and Professionals

A significant number of business owners and professionals have taken CREST, and found it helpful to take their leadership to a new level. Here is a sampling:

  • Medical doctor
  • Psychologist
  • Engineers
  • Financial services
  • Realtor
  • Marketing/Communications and Image Consultant
  • Life Coach and Jazz musician
  • School principals, administrators and teachers
  • Investors
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Accountant
  • Speech & Language Therapist
  • Children’s Leadership Trainer
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Medical Data Specialist
  • Agricultural Quality Manager
  • Electronic Communications Director in Marketing


My time at CREST was a wonderful experience that continues to pay rich dividends in my life. I recently was asked to speak at our denominational leadership training event where a number of the leaders have known me for many years. At the conclusion of my 90- minute session several of these leaders publicly spoke to me.

They affirmed me by stating how they see an amazing change in my life. They spoke of my exuberance as well as my posture and the depth of my thoughts. One of our denominational leaders also said, “You will always be a teacher, however you have also become a motivational speaker”.

My thanks must again be expressed to our Lord Jesus and to CREST Leadership.  Stan Rukin, BC

Wow! CREST has brought so much clarity to my leadership journey. I am excited to live out this second half of life operating in the strengths and values God has given to me. I will be thriving, not just surviving! Donna Bell, ON

CREST provides tools with skilled professionals journeying together toward a hopeful future.     Dr. Jack Taylor, BC

CREST has created a space to learn new strategies, become equipped with practical tools to move beyond surviving to thriving in the second half of life! Jocelyn Simpson, AB

Every leader has to cope with more than they can handle. Busyness overwhelms our sense of direction and purpose. Engaging in CREST brings clarity, focus and the energy necessary to live life to the fullest, and finish well. Doug Fortune, BC

CREST packages the wisdom of many leaders in a cohesive, complementary curriculum. It tested me, it changed me, and equipped me for a terrific second-half! Dan Rempel, ON

CREST has created an excitement in me that was brought on by a sense that I am moving forward in my development and not stagnating. It has given me clear tools and knowledge to move me forward. Wendy Toohey, BC

This educational experience has been the most efficiently intentional and practical opportunity I’ve had. It is truly transferable and therefore life-changing. Cyril Gowler, AB

I am now poised to continue growing and flourish in ministry as I positively influence others in this journey called leadership. I can honestly say my experience at Crest has been a gift –priceless! Hilary Hawley, BC

God has used the CREST training as an excellent stimulus for growth in my life.  At 48 years of age I had plateaued in my growth as a leader.  The course reading, the groups discussions and the assignments that make up the CREST experience were just what I needed to help me realize that I had untapped potential that God wanted me to develop. Dale Losch, ON