CREST is not just about more leadership information.  CREST is about transformation – new paradigms displayed in observable behavior.

CREST is an innovative way to accelerate leadership development in mid-life adults. The CREST cohort model combines the best of what we know about how adults learn, and how leaders are developed. Departing from traditional academic lecture models, we use the power of narrative and experience.  Cohorts are comprised of pastoral and marketplace men and women who meet together three times a year, for two years, and then with the option of a Masters degree.

We encourage collaborative learning by teaching skills that empower insightful learning for a lifetime. CREST students do not receive pre-packaged conclusions about leadership; rather, CREST takes you through a process of thorough self-analysis, rethinking paradigms, and revisioning life purpose and mission.

Spiritual disciplines are woven into the experience, encouraging deeper commitment to God and strong character foundations. Learning modules, designed with flexibility and creativity, provide a clear and engaging presentation every time.