National Survey

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For denominational leaders tasked with developing pastors:

CREST has initiated, with several denominations, a nation-wide survey of pastors in the second half. If you would like to know more about this, contact us HERE.

We specialize in leadership for the Second Half

For over a decade, CREST Leadership has been studying what happens at mid-life and its impact on the second half, and has engaged in-depth conversations with leaders across Canada; and some things have become clearer:

The demographic challenge in denominations today

In conversation with a number of denominations, we have found that around 50% of their pastors are 40+ in age. Many of them are tired and frustrated in their leadership. Every denomination encourages their pastors to pursue leadership development, but time and limited resources create obstacles.

Here are some ways we could help:

CREST stands ready to help you with your responsibility to develop pastors.

  • We have a fully developed mid-life program that helps pastors get clarity for the second half. There are plenty of development programs for young leaders, but next to nothing for people at mid-life. Big changes come at mid-life, and the research says 3 out of 4 need help with an ordered reflection to transition well. The significant dropout of ministry by pastors in the second half of life confirms this. Click HERE for more on the program.
  • Sabbaticals. While most pastors desire to have a sabbatical, church boards and denominations are increasingly reluctant to grant them because the results are inconsistent. Click HERE to see our new model that really works.
  • Workshops for pastors’ gatherings. We can present the results of this survey and our years of working with mid-life pastors. We can work with you to customize additional elements to your group. Click for more on CREST Consulting services.
  • Staff development for local churches. We bring decades of successful pastoral experience to church teams, using some of the best material in CREST. Check out our team HERE. Click for more on CREST Consulting services.
  • Masters  program. This is only offered in Alberta. An alternative to the traditional academic Masters degrees, we offer a practical Masters in Christian Leadership.

Contact us at or 403-731-5268. We are ready to help.