MCL Intensive – Curriculum

The Masters degree adds leadership theory and practice around leading complex organizations.  Churches, larger charities, and businesses are not simple organizations, and require significant leadership understanding and practice.

Spread over five days, you will learn the best of leadership theory and be given practical tools to implement it. This intensive just might be the key to launch your leadership to a whole new level:

  • Exploring the field: survey of leadership models through history that have shaped our understanding of leadership today. Leadership is morphing today; it’s very helpful to know where things are headed.
  • The two biggest mistakes leaders make:
    These mistakes are the cause of most leadership crash and burns. Knowing this will not only save you much grief, but will help your leadership to flourish.
  • Leader as servant: It sounds like an oxymoron, but actually is the key to your leadership. Exploring the leadership model of Jesus and bridging it to real life.
  • How to give clear leadership: People will follow a leader who brings a positive clarity to the organization.
  • Navigating complexity: What in the world is going on here?! Practical tools to make sense out of complex and confusing situations.
  • Leading change: This is the third biggest mistake leaders make – not understanding the dynamics of change. 75% of change initiatives fail. We will help you beat that statistic. We will show you what’s going on when change is happening, how to be the change initiator, and how to see your hard work of change actually stick.
  • Leading for the long haul: leading in a way that maintains health, balance and resonance. You must understand and apply the advice here to be able to survive and thrive as a leader.

The student then synthesizes their learning by writing a major paper which summarizes:

  • who they are
  • their leadership philosophy
  • how they will apply all this to a significant project.

At this point, the student has travelled far in their journey to Master their leadership.

The tuition for this Intensive is $3000.  Books, room and board and travel are additional expenses.