MCL Intensive – Curriculum

The Masters degree adds leadership theory and practice around leading complex organizations.  Churches, larger charities, and businesses are not simple organizations, and require significant leadership understanding and practice.

The four-day intensive covers significant areas:

  • Exploring the field: survey of leadership models through history that have shaped our understanding of leadership today.
  • Leader as servant: exploring the leadership model of Jesus and bridging it to real life.
  • Navigating complexity: making sense of complex and confusing organizational life.
  • Leading change: the science and art of navigating wisely through the change and renewal process.
  • Leading for the long haul: leading in a way that maintains health, balance and resonance.

The student synthesizes their learning by writing a major paper which summarizes who they are, and their leadership philosophy.  At this point, the student has travelled far in their journey to Master their leadership.

The tuition for this Intensive is $3000.  Books, room and board and travel are additional expenses.