CREST 3.0 Level 2



The CREST Leadership Program

CREST 3.0  Level 2


In this second year of the program, with your increased personal clarity, comes increased influence. In Level 2 we give you skill sets that make an immediate difference in your leadership.

  • Three Encounters over one year
  • Encounter = 3 day intensive retreat
  • Personal coaching sessions
  • $3000 for Level 2


Leadership Clarity: There are better ways to lead.

  • Leadership from the inside out:
    • Level 1 focuses on the internal life of the leader
    • Level 2 focuses more on your leadership
  • The ‘best of CREST’ for immediate leadership lift — packed with practical leadership tools and skills.
  • How to have conversations that shift things
  • Insight into what’s going on inside people
  • The one thing that affects everything in leadership
  • How to change things without blowing everything up
  • How to coach and mentor, and how they differ
  • How to build a healthy organization


Program costs HERE

Students who complete all requirements of both Level 1 and 2 receive a Certificate in Christian Leadership. This Certificate, along with your previously earned Bachelor’s degree, qualifies you to apply to our Master in Christian Leadership degree. The MCL is offered in Alberta only; students must travel to Alberta to take this.