The CREST Paradigm

The CREST Leadership Program is based on the doctoral work of Dr. Dan Reinhardt.  In his research Dr. Reinhardt discovered that while there is an abundance of information on leadership, there is not enough transformation.  In a historical survey designed to find the best examples of leaders who transformed their followers, the archetype example of transformational leadership was Jesus with his disciples.  How was Jesus able to turn twelve unlikely characters into dynamic apostles in three years?  The answer is the core of the CREST paradigm.

C – Collaborative 
Jesus chose twelve men, and brought them into a small group.  There was a mix of people in his list: businessmen, a government worker, even an ex-terrorist. He called them away from their regular activities into a time of intense interaction and collaboration with him and each other. At CREST, we have larger groups of 10-20 men and women – both ministry leaders and business persons come together for intense collaborative times (Encounters) over a two-year period.

R – Relational
Jesus brought his disciples into a highly relational setting. “I have not called you servants; I have called you friends,” he said. In this setting of high camaraderie and accountability, transformation occurred. CREST invites adult learners into a highly relational and accountable cohort where transparency and life-long friendships develop.

E – Experiential 
Jesus’ method of instruction was experiential and narrative. “Come, follow me,” he said. The disciples watched him teach, heal, and handle antagonistic resistance. Their discussions over dinner and ‘along the way’ helped them learn truths at a deep, emotional level. At CREST our students learn and exchange ideas, dialogue with leaders, and get close enough to feel the heat of their passion for Christ. This experiential learning is combined with selected reading of the best materials available.

Jesus also incorporated situational training, customized to the person. The CREST program gives each person a thorough understanding of how God has shaped them, and provides resources that encourage maximum fruitfulness for God.

S – Spiritual
Jesus’ teaching had a clear spiritual dimension. The CREST program has at its core a Christian foundation designed to develop distinctly Christian leaders. Spiritual formation disciplines are built into the entire process to develop the inner person.

T – Time
Jesus committed time to his disciples. Life-long transformation does not usually happen over a weekend seminar. CREST invests in people’s lives over a succession of year-long journeys, enabling permanent behavioural changes.

Collaborative, Relational, Experiential, Spiritual, over Time – C R E S T

Leadership effectiveness is not automatic.  By bringing conditions around people that nurture leadership development, CREST cultivates an environment around leaders that enables them to flourish.

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