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The Master in Christian Leadership degree adds leadership theory and practice around leading complex organizations.  Churches, charities, and businesses are not simple organizations, and require significant leadership understanding and practice.

Spread over five days, you will learn the best of leadership theory and be given practical tools to implement it. This intensive just might be the key to launch your leadership to a whole new level.

The Master in Christian Leadership (MCL) is the perfect fit after completing the Certificate in leadership; in fact, the MCL is available only to CREST graduates.

With 55 graduates across Canada, the CREST Master in Christian Leadership degree is recognized all across the country.

The MCL curriculum consists of:

  • The completion of the Certificate program
  • Plus a 5-day Intensive

The MCL complements what is learned in the Certificate program with additional leadership theory and … you’ll learn:

  • how to avoid the two biggest mistakes leaders make
  • how to bring about change without blowing everything up
  • how to lead in a way that brings life to people
  • … and more

At this point in the CREST experience the student has travelled far in their journey to Master their leadership.

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