Helping people find clarity at midlife, so your second half is your best half.



It was a pleasant surprise the first time I saw it.  “The research shows that the richest contribution leaders make is usually after age 40.”  Surprising, because our culture says, “It’s all downhill after 40.”  Pleasant, because I was 49 – I was not ‘done!’  In fact, it told me I had much to offer, probably my best ever.

By midlife, life has delivered hard knocks, and things are not as clear as we used to think they were.  We become aware that we need to think again – deeply this time – but we are so busy we can hardly keep our balance.  Our load continues to increase, and we are acutely aware that we need to improve our leadership.

Research shows that unless you intentionally address the significant transitions that come at mid-life, your life and leadership will likely flat line.  There is a critical window of opportunity that occurs at mid-life.  If a leader chooses to intentionally pursue development during this critical time, the success of their leadership is greatly improved over those who do not.  This is what CREST Leadership is all about; helping the midlife leader find clarity and flourish in the second half.

At CREST, we get it.  Our program is designed specifically for midlife leaders.  We get it, because we are also midlife – and invite you to a transformational journey with others like you. Transformation is not quick fix or a one-off seminar. It’s a journey. We are here to do that journey with you. Your life is worth it!

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Dr. Dan Reinhardt,

CREST President