Navigating “In Between”

A job posting had come up and I was pursuing it. The process was going like it was supposed to: a strong resume, my networking was connecting, the telephone interview went well and led to the in-person interview. Everything was fitting together for a mid-life career change … and then the phone call, “Sorry, we went with the other candidate”.

At Just the Right Time…

“At just the right time … Christ died for the ungodly.” (Romans 5:6)
In the midst of the busyness and chaos of human history, God, at certain times, steps in “at just the right time.”
Christmas 2000 years ago was one of those moments. Life was going along normally when suddenly angels sang, a star appeared, a baby was born. Who could have guessed it would have been then, in this way that God showed up?

Eight Things to Love About Change

One of the most requested subjects we get at the Masters level in CREST is how to bring change in organizations. Positive change is at the core of all visionary leadership, and yet it is one of the most difficult things to carry out. This blog is the story of one of our CREST Master in Christian Leadership grads and her reflection over tackling a tough change assignment.

How to Change Things Without Getting Shot

I had not planned on being a “Change Agent.” Oh, I was good with vision that tweaked and refined. Wholesale change was not what I signed up for. Circumstances thrust me into the role of “Change Agent”, and it was scary. A number of things happened simultaneously, over which I had no control…

Why Change is Slower Than You’d Like

I was frustrated as I vented to a good friend, “What’s the matter with this church? This is a great vision, biblically-based, and exactly what we need. I’ve done the research. I’ve laid it out in careful detail. Why don’t they get it?”

Why it’s good to feel a bit disoriented at midlife

At CREST we’ve been working with midlife leaders for ten years. Studying midlife … teaching … dialoguing … coaching … experiencing the journey ourselves. Paying fierce attention to midlife matters has helped us develop clarity around this issue. Here’s one thing we have noticed: everyone that signs up for CREST expresses one or more of these feelings: (Note: these comments come directly from students, actual quotes) …