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You’re a leader – you have a hot-line to God. You resolve conflicts and navigate awkward moments with ease, unselfishly meet everyone’s needs and interact graciously with strong personalities. You’re a highly organized visionary with a warm, commanding presence… and a cape, leotards and a big letter L on your chest. But have you ever considered the importance of your limitations?

Three Ways to Heighten Staff Engagement

Your job would be so much easier if you just had a great team. Or maybe like most leaders, you feel your team is OK, but… you wish they were more engaged. Well, here are three ways to heighten staff engagement…

Why it’s good to feel a bit disoriented at midlife

At CREST we’ve been working with midlife leaders for ten years. Studying midlife … teaching … dialoguing … coaching … experiencing the journey ourselves. Paying fierce attention to midlife matters has helped us develop clarity around this issue. Here’s one thing we have noticed: everyone that signs up for CREST expresses one or more of these feelings: (Note: these comments come directly from students, actual quotes) …

Strange things happen at midlife

A strange thing happened to me after years of good work. I began to feel … well … unsettled. And yet I had been doing the same thing for almost two decades. You’d think I would be settled by now. Everything was going well; it’s not that I was having ‘escapist’ feelings. I remember one friend saying, ‘Well Dan, you are in a good spot. Congratulations.’ Yes, things were good. I did notice, though, that I was feeling …

The Puppet Prayer

Have you ever heard or prayed this prayer: “God, just empty me of everything that is of
me, and accomplish your will and purpose.” As spiritually submissive as this sounds, it
betrays an underlying belief …

Leadership Teams: Who Needs Them?

There aren’t many examples of leadership teams in the Bible. We love stories of
ordinary individuals empowered by God to accomplish the impossible. But what if this
was only a back-up plan until Jesus could reveal a better way?

Three Things I Hated About Leadership

Dr. Dan Reinhardt …
After more than two decades in leadership I remember reflecting one day over the ongoing load and stress I was feeling. I was tired, and my mind started looking for explanations, reasons why I was feeling stressed. While there are many things that stress a leader, what emerged were three things I especially hated.