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Four Benefits of Giving Thanks

Psychologist Martin Seligman reports that after teaching psychology for 25 years he has never had so much fun, nor have his teacher ratings been so high as when he taught “positive psychology.” In his book, Flourishing, he describes the life-changing “Three Blessings” exercise. It’s quite simple:

Learn to Dream Again at Midlife

My granddaughter stumped me the other day with a simple question, “Who are you?” Well, that was pretty obvious — “I’m your grandpa,” I said. But when she asked the same question again, I realized she was inviting me to join her in an imaginary game. We would both pretend to be someone, and then play. Seeing I was stumped, she suggested I could be Robin Hood, and she Lady Marion. It came as a bit of a jolt that I was not very good at this kind of thinking, while she did it intuitively.

A Penetrating Question

My granddaughter has a vivid imagination. After the initial fun and excitement of seeing each other again, she’ll revert to her favorite game of pretending. “Who are you?” she asks. That’s the signal she’s inviting me into an imaginary world where we can choose to be heroes and live out an adventure. As I desperately search my limited imagination for an engaging character, it occurs to me this simple question is a profound one when it’s asked at midlife.

The Worst Kind of Blindness

Being blind is one thing, but thinking you see clearer than anyone else, when in fact you are clued out, is worse. This second kind of blindness will persist until some painful experience jolts us …

Who Moved My Sweet Spot?

Ah, the sweet spot. If you’re in it, you know it. You work with passion, build, innovate, move the organization forward and inspire others to join you. You love doing this! Sweet spots are the midlife reward for years of hanging in there to develop character and competence.