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Navigating “In Between”

A job posting had come up and I was pursuing it. The process was going like it was supposed to: a strong resume, my networking was connecting, the telephone interview went well and led to the in-person interview. Everything was fitting together for a mid-life career change … and then the phone call, “Sorry, we went with the other candidate”.

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Dirty Oil – or Dirty Leadership?

In October 2010, 551 ducks died in the tailing ponds of Syncrude oilsands in northern Alberta. “Pictures of dead and dying birds flashed around the world and Syncrude was cast by its critics as an environmental pariah,” reported the National Post. How did a company respectful of its workers and the environment forever tarnish the reputation of Alberta oil sands? Recently my wife and I enjoyed a fascinating conversation with a retired Syncrude team leader, a guest of our our bed-and-breakfast. Here’s the rest of the story…

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Knowing When NOT to Lead

That’s right – good leaders know when NOT to lead. Most of the time leaders are responsible to stand up, speak up, and show the way. However, there are also times to step back. I remember twice in my tenure as pastor when it was better to let someone else lead …

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