At Just the Right Time…

“At just the right time … Christ died for the ungodly.” (Romans 5:6)
In the midst of the busyness and chaos of human history, God, at certain times, steps in “at just the right time.”
Christmas 2000 years ago was one of those moments. Life was going along normally when suddenly angels sang, a star appeared, a baby was born. Who could have guessed it would have been then, in this way that God showed up?

Why People Don’t Understand the Bible

I just didn’t get it. I’d watch the Canadian TV news, I could understand English just fine, but I didn’t get what the report was actually about – why the reporter was dealing with a particular issue, and why it was important enough to make the evening news.

Core Message of Jesus Stumps Pastor

Fresh out of Bible school and with the ink on my Masters degree not quite dry, I launched into ministry. The Bible is a big book, and there’s lots to preach about. But there was one subject I was reticent to preach. I was not quite sure how to explain it, so it would have to wait till later. Well, now it’s later …

The Worst Kind of Blindness

Being blind is one thing, but thinking you see clearer than anyone else, when in fact you are clued out, is worse. This second kind of blindness will persist until some painful experience jolts us …

The Puppet Prayer

Have you ever heard or prayed this prayer: “God, just empty me of everything that is of
me, and accomplish your will and purpose.” As spiritually submissive as this sounds, it
betrays an underlying belief …

Leadership Teams: Who Needs Them?

There aren’t many examples of leadership teams in the Bible. We love stories of
ordinary individuals empowered by God to accomplish the impossible. But what if this
was only a back-up plan until Jesus could reveal a better way?