What Every Leader Should Do Twice a Year

If I could show you how you could: Cut down your stress Increase your confidence Save you many hours of work Improve your team’s productivity … would you be interested? And you only have to do this twice a year! As a mid-life leader you probably are: Frustrated with...

Navigating “In Between”

A job posting had come up and I was pursuing it. The process was going like it was supposed to: a strong resume, my networking was connecting, the telephone interview went well and led to the in-person interview. Everything was fitting together for a mid-life career change … and then the phone call, “Sorry, we went with the other candidate”.

Your Mission in One Sentence

How much do you know about your mission field?
I was caught by surprise with the question. Immediately my mind went to missionaries overseas in dangerous dark jungles, and that I was not a missionary.

How to Lead When You Are Already Busy

Life is full already, so adding in leadership – especially volunteer leadership – is difficult. The most common response to busyness is to increase your activity – just put your head down and plough through it. Don’t do that!