March 3, 2014

10 Questions Before Taking a Cholesterol Lowering Drug

Verdeen Bueckert, RN and CREST Board member, has done extensive exploration of research on drug therapies commonly prescribed for people in the second half of life. The results are rather alarming. These 10 Questions are based on published research in medical journals. Don’t skip this reading.
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November 20, 2013

Is Your Hair Trying To Tell You Something?

One of the tell-tale signs that you are in the second half of life is your hair goes gray. Because it happens to most people, we think it is normal. But perhaps it’s not. Take a read here from one of our CREST bloggers, Verdeen. She is a registered nurse. This just might change your life (and hair) for the good! ~Dr. Dan Reinhardt, CREST President~
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October 22, 2012

A Surprising Cause of Many Midlife Issues

In the second half of life you may be surprised to find yourself struggling. You haven't dealt with issues like this before; but here they are, staring you right in the face …
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October 9, 2012

Four Benefits of Giving Thanks

Psychologist Martin Seligman reports that after teaching psychology for 25 years he has never had so much fun, nor have his teacher ratings been so high as when he taught “positive psychology.” In his book, Flourishing, he describes the life-changing “Three Blessings” exercise. It’s quite simple:
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September 4, 2012

Age Backwards

Would you rather feel 80 or 25 at midlife? The choice might be on your dinner plate.
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August 7, 2012

Keep your marbles longer

Midlife isn't the beginning of the end. In fact, it can be the time you make your most valuable contribution.
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June 18, 2012

Boost Your Energy: Harness the Power of the Sun

At midlife there's often an energy crisis. Your body slows down and emotions begin to drag. Is it old age, the beginning of the end? Is it a spiritual problem? Or is it just time for a tune-up?
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