The CREST Leadership Centre was founded in 2002 on the conviction that mid-life leaders need unique and intentional leadership development if they are to flourish and advance into a significant second half.

In 2007, CREST was incorporated in Alberta as a not-for-profit organization with the following objects:

  • To establish, maintain, conduct and support an educational institution for post-secondary education in such fields as the Board may from time to time determine;
  • To promote the advancement of learning and the dissemination of knowledge, whether theoretical or practical, in the field of leadership and other related studies;
  • To further the intellectual, spiritual, moral, physical, social and cultural development of its students, graduates, faculty and staff; and
  • To co-operate or enter into association with other Canadian or International organizations having objectives and characteristics considered by the Board to be compatible with and conducive to the advancement of the Center.

CREST is authorized:

  • To conduct in-service and continuing education programs, workshops, exhibitions, conferences, institutes and other specialized educational programs which may be considered by the Board to be conducive to the attainment directly or indirectly of the objectives of the Center;
  • To award degrees in divinity as well as certificates, diplomas and degrees for merit and proficiency in leadership studies and other fields
  • To appoint such professors, associate professors, lecturers, instructors or other officers and servants as may be necessary to effect the objects and purposes of the Center.