About the Founder

Dr. Dan Reinhardt grew up in India, the son of a missionary. He watched his father develop national leaders for the church in India. During those formative years, Dan sensed a call to serve in vocational Christian ministry.

Dan and Anne ReinhardtHe completed a Bachelor’s degree in Bible at Vennard College, in University Park, Iowa, USA, which gave him a biblical and theological grounding in faith. It was there he met and married Anne.

He then went on to Jerusalem University College to earn a Master’s degree in The History and Geography of Ancient Israel, which filled out the physical, cultural and historical context of the Bible.

Dan and his wife Anne moved to Medicine Hat, Alberta, where Dan served as the associate pastor at Hillcrest Church for twelve years, and then as senior for ten. During those 22 years, the church grew from 270 to 1200. He discovered that beyond biblical teaching, a growing ministry requires leadership. Thus began a lifelong journey of learning and practicing Christian leadership.

After 18 years of intense and fruitful ministry, Dan felt the fatigue that years of giving out can bring. Rather than have a burn out, Dan sought a time out – and enrolled at The Beeson Pastor Program at Asbury Theological Seminary in Wilmore, Kentucky.  He completed a doctoral dissertation, “Cultivating Transformed Leaders: An Examination of Optimal Components of Leadership Development Methodology Displayed in Current Training Programs for Evangelical Ministers in North America.”

Studying the development of leaders over a lifetime, Dan became aware of the crucial transition that happens at midlife that significantly influences the effectiveness of leaders in the second half of life. That insight became the passion for the launch of The CREST Leadership Centre, a life and leadership development program for leaders at midlife.

CREST’s mission is to help leaders get clarity at midlife so their second half is their best half.